Glass vs Aluminium Pool Fencing

Glass vs Aluminium Pool Fencing: Which One to Choose?

Owning a pool means ensuring safety without compromising on the overall look. The decision between glass and aluminium fencing is crucial. Here’s a detailed comparison to guide your choice.

Understanding Glass and Aluminium Fencing

Glass Fencing:

  • Offers a clear, uninterrupted view of the pool area.
  • Available in designs like frameless and semi-frameless.

Aluminium Fencing

  • Comprises aluminium bars/wires in varied patterns.
  • Resistant to wear and tear.
  • Comes in a range of colors and styles.

Why They’re Top Choices

Both materials adhere to Australian Standards for pool safety. They’re user-friendly in installation, demand minimal maintenance, and can be adjusted to fit any pool shape. Their durability and potential to enhance property value make them cost-effective in the long run.

Key Comparisons


Glass fencing, having a higher raw material cost, generally has a slightly higher price tag than aluminium. However, the final cost for both can vary based on design specifics.

Also bear in mind that we purchase the raw glass material in such large wholesale quantities that our pricing is extremely competitive and can often compare to aluminium pricing.


Glass provides a full view of the pool area from the poolside and from the pool out to your landscape and property. This is great for safety and child monitoring as well as pure aesthetic value.

Design Flexibility

Glass has a wider range of design options, while aluminium, though less versatile, still provides a decent variety.


Both are robust, but aluminium might require more frequent maintenance due to the potential weakening of bar/wire joints.

Climbability: Safety First

Glass fencing’s low climbability is a standout feature. The smooth, seamless glass panel design makes it tough for anyone, especially children, to climb. On the other hand, aluminium fences, with their multi-bar structure, can be slightly easier to scale.

Installation & Customization

Glass Fencing Installation Methods

  • Top Mounted: Fixed onto round or square spigots.
  • Side Mounted: Using stand-offs.
  • Channel Fixed: Grouted into a ground channel, giving an illusion that the glass panels are directly sat on the poolside surface.

Hardware Finish Choices

  • Mirror
  • Satin
  • Matt black
  • Powder coated

All our glass pool fencing is tailor-made, accommodating unusual pool layouts, sloping grounds, and more.

Glass Pool Fence

Aluminium Fencing Customization

Aluminium fences can be powder coated in a color of the customer’s choice, offering a personalized touch.

Glass vs Aluminium Pool Gates

This does not have to be an “either/or” scenario! At Pool Fences Perth we occasionally mix materials to achieve the desired outcome for the customer which covers safety, aesthetics, and budget.

This is usually dependent on the layout of the pool area but the following images are from a pool fence installation that involved a glass fence around one part of the pool and an aluminium gate that closed off the entrance to the rear of the property via a narrow alleyway at the side of the house.

If you have a similar layout this could be a solution for you, please get in touch to get a free estimate.

Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Gate - Glass Fence
Glass Vs Aluminium Pool Gate - Aluminium Gate

Why We Recommend Glass Fencing

At Pool Fences Perth, we favour glass pool fencing for the following reasons:

  • Clear View: Glass offers an unblocked view, in our opinion, if you have a beautiful pool why obstruct your view of it with bars? Glass fencing truly amplifies the whole outdoor pool experience.
  • Design Options: From installation methods to hardware finishes, glass provides many great choices.
  • Safety: With its low climbability and resistance to impacts, glass stands out as a safe option, especially in households with children.
  • Value: Glass fencing can significantly elevate property value.

For an in-depth consultation on the best fencing for your pool, contact Pool Fences Perth today.